Priligy medicine –ready-to-use, easy-to-apply

Like impotence, premature ejaculation is a condition males do not want to discuss openly. This condition is simply an inability of a person to take his ejaculation under control.

Uncontrollable, unguided ejaculation means spoiled sex, relationship problems, stress and even difficulty to have a baby. When a man ejaculates before penetration he suffers from most serious premature condition. Some of the males may continue up to 2 minutes and even longer. Still most of such males are disgruntled with their time results.

It is impossible to have normal sex during such short period of time. Numerous males do nothing about the problem. They prefer to avoid relations and sex. Others try to treat their condition on their own using special techniques and methods. Some of the males visit a doctor. Fortunately today all of these males can use the best possible remedy to stop premature ejaculation. It is called Dapoxetine, brand name for it is Priligy.

This medicine was designed to help people with depression and belongs to the class of antidepressants. Still its short-acting character makes it impossible for usage in the patients with depressive disorders.

During the trials of this medicine experts noticed that Dapoxetine was producing side effects in the sexual system of males. Particularly it increases the time to ejaculation meaning that males cannot ejaculate too fast. This special feature of Dapoxetine was quickly noticed by males suffering from premature ejaculation.

Then there was a period of Dapoxetine testing which continues till now. As the medicine is not approved by the FDA, many men hesitate to try it. Still most experts consider this substance to be one of the safest drugs ever produced.

Showing no side effects Dapoxetine is well –tolerated by most men. Besides, there are no significant drug to drug interactions regarding this medicine. You can try various techniques and methods to cope with the problem of fast ejaculation. However, none of the methods is as effective as Priligy. This ready-to-use and easy-to-apply medicine is a real remedy for those who wish to continue a longer time in bed.

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